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Cox’s Bazar Tour Familiar | Location, Map, Hotel, Food etc.

Cox’s Bazar has immense natural beauty and potential.
Cox’s Bazar is a land of immense natural beauty. Cox’s Bazar is unique due to its unique combination of seas and hills, rich socio-cultural heritage, non-communal coexistence of people of different religions and castes, and a combination of environment and biodiversity. Cox’s Bazar is said to be famous for its healthy places and natural beauty. Traveling along Marine Drive adjusts the rate to any video game. The 60 km long road from Cox’s Bazar town to Teknaf has crossed the sea and mountains. The longest marine drive in the world, built along the longest beach in the world. The world’s largest refugee camp has been built next to it; Kutupalong. And the Rohingya crisis is being called the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world at this time. Cox’s Bazar has been recorded for travel to the world for a variety of reasons.

There are six major islands, including the coral island of St. Martin. And various sea-mountain centered events. Especially adventurers like surfing, parasailing, scuba diving are completely different.

Location and map of Cox’s Bazar:

Coxs Bazar may be a city, tourist destination, fishing port and district headquarters in south-eastern Bangladesh
The ancient name of Coxs Bazar is Palanki. At one time it was known as Panaya. The word paranoia means yellow flower. In the past, the areas around Coxs Bazar used to sparkle with these yellow flowers. Captain Hiram Cox, an English officer, established a market here in 1899. The name Coxs Bazar originates from Mr. Coxs Bazar.

Coxs Bazar district is located in the southeastern part of Bangladesh between 20 ২০ 358 to 21 ° 56 north latitude and 91 ° 508 to 92 ° 238 east longitude. [2] 143 kilometers. Chittagong district to the north of this district; It is bounded on the east by Bandarban District, the Naf River and the Rakhine State of Myanmar, and on the south and west by the Bay of Bengal.

Map of Cox’s Bazar:

Better time to visit Cox’s Bazar:

The best time to visit Cox’s Bazar is from November 19 to March. The average temperature in Cox’s Bazar is slightly different. Temperatures feel hot for most of the year as there is less chance of rain for most of the year than humidity. There are some oceans compared to the 30th percentile for relatively comfortable weather with tourist destinations around the world. If you are looking for a very hot time to visit Cox’s Bazar, then the warmer months are May, April and then June. The warmest time of the year usually begins in early May where the altitude regularly falls to 34.1 degrees Celsius and at night it drops below 26.3 degrees Celsius.

Cox’s Bazar untimely from January to September! How about this again. This inconvenience means now is not the travel season, so inconvenience. Now is the perfect time to visit Cox’s Bazar amidst the cloud-rain and sun-hiding game.
White clouds float in the blue sky, big waves in the sea and almost tourists beaches can be seen in Cox’s Bazar only at this time.
So those who like to travel in solitude, those who love to find the form of nature in the midst of silence, take a little time out and go for the longest beach.

As it is not the travel season, there are some additional benefits to traveling to Cox’s Bazar at this time. Travel costs are much lower now than at other times. Until the end of September, all hotels here have 40 to 60 percent discount. In addition, due to the low number of tourists, there is no need to calculate the extra fare of various transports to go to the places around Cox’s Bazar.

How to get to Cox’s Bazar:

By Air:

To fly from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, you need to fly from Dhaka’s Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport to either United Air. Regent Air. NovoAir and US-Bangla Airlines, for which you will be charged 50$ to 450$.

Also available from domestic airports in Cox’s Bazar. These flights include Barisal Airport, Chittagong Airport, Syedpur Airport and Rajshahi Airport.

By Road:

You can go directly to Cox’s Bazar by road from Dhaka. AC buses of Sohag Paribahan, TR Travels, Green Line Paribahan, Hanif Enterprise, Saint Martin Paribahan, Saudia Paribahan go to Dhaka Cox’s Bazar. The rent is 20$ to 30$.

The best things are The In Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar Beach:

The most attraction of Coxs Bazar is visiting the beach and enjoy the experience of Nature. There are many shops selling knickknacks, jewelry made of seashells and other souvenirs of Coxs Bazar. Many sellers are selling dry fish, one of the delicious food of the locals. You can also experience parasailing and jet skiing. These two things are a must on a tourist bucket list. As this beach is within the city, it’s always buzzing with an enormous number of tourists.


Only 4.968 miles (8km) from Coxs Bazar city. If anyone wants to spend quality time. Then need to go to the Himchori. Because both the sea and the mountain at the same place, then Himchori is the perfect place for tourist

Inani Beach:

Inani Beach part of Coxs Bazar Beach is an 18-kilometer-long (11 mi) sea beach in Ukhia Upazila of Coxs Bazar District, Bangladesh. It is located 27km North of Coxs Bazar and 15km from Himchori. It has a lot of coral stones, which are very harsh. These coral stones look black and green, stones are found in summer or rainy seasons. Pathorkhani is located in Jaliapalong, Inani Beach. Almost all visitors gather around it and love to take snapshots by sitting on it. It is one of the best places to visit. There you can have an amazing view of coral stones. Be careful swimming in the high tide as the waves are very predictable.

Marine Drive:

On the way to Inani beach, one can enjoy half an hour’s peaceable drive by car or any other transportation through the marine drive. One side of the marine drive has a view of the sea and the other side has a view of the hills. This wonderful experience will make you forget about all the worries of your life. Like the rest of Coxs Bazar beaches, it is long and extremely wide.
Radiant Fish World:
Radiant Fish World is an amazing place, it’s a good place for Kids. You will get an underwater view here. You will be learned about many underwater creations. This will amaze you and enrich your knowledge about sea life. Kids will love this place very much. It’s open every day of the week from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm.

Mermaid Beach Resort:

Mermaid Beach Resort is 9.94miles or 16km south of Coxs Bazar. It is an excellent Marine Drive that provides for a 20 minutes drive. Mermaid Beach Resort is located in the cool area of Pechardwip, Marine Drive Road, Cox’s Bazar. Set amongst 4.86 hectares or 12 acres of land, facing the world’s most longest Beach, 10 One BedRoom Beach Villa’s including 3 Family Beach Villa’s, 5 private pool suites, and 1 Beach Villa with a living room. GuestRooms offer eco-friendly designs attached to a renowned responsibility to the environment and the Mermaid philosophy of Redefining Experiences. Dining include and they serving a daily buffet breakfast. mermaid Resor also organized an Elephant Show. You can learn here how to protect the Elephant

Sonadia Island:

It is Located 4.35miles or 7km from Coxs Bazar. If you want to go there At first you need to go to Maheskhali ghat. Sonadia Island is an island of about 9 square kilometers (3.5 square miles), offshore of the Cox’s Bazar coast in Chittagong Division, Bangladesh. It is located at Kutubjom Union in Maheshkhali Upazila, 15 km north-west of Cox’s Bazar District Headquarters. It is located at degrees of latitude 21.28˝-21.33˝ and longitude 91.50˝-91.56˝. Sonadia Maheshkhali is segregated from the main island by a canal.

Laboni Beach:

Laboni Beach is the oldest beach area in Coxs Bazar and admittedly the most popular beach in Coxs Bazar. It is the main tourist attraction beach. Visitors can easily enjoy the beauty of the Bay of Bengal. Amazing view of the coastal line all day around. There is a big market to buy Souvenir, but don’t forget to bargain. Here You can see a combination of hill and beach.


The best time of surfing in Cox’s Bazar November-April.Here waves are considered small for good surf. Clean surfable waves are found 76% in November,15% of the time it tends to be blown out, remaining 9% of the time is considered too small by most of the surfers but it may ok for the beginners and groms at time.

Funfest Beach:

If you want to have fun Parasailing this beach is for you. Here you can enjoy your quality time easy as you like. They provide two categories of parasailing. 1.Super Fun Parasailing which cost $30 and number 2. Fun Parasailing costs $25.


Darianagar is a place close to Himchori, There is a cave cost visiting, also you can view the sunset from the top. If one is going on a long arduous journey, typically on foot and like stuff, this can be a good option. It’s like a natural park with wooden houses and hills where the sunset over the Bay of Bengal can be noticed.


Maheskhali is Another historic adventure place in Moheshkhali Island. It is situated on the coast of Coxs Bazar. On the hill, right on the edge, lies the temple of Adhinath, dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, there is a Buddhist Pagoda, displaying interesting Buddhist traditional items, and offers hills and a small mangrove forest, reminding of Sundarbans, minus the Bengal tigers. Its location grants you the chance to really enjoy the peaceful island life and learn the ways of the Rakhine.


Ramu is a 9.94miles or 16km village in Cox’s Bazar. It has displays of precious stones, a huge bronze statue of 100 Feet Buddha. The third-largest statue in the world name Great Buddha is situated here. It located at Ramu, 20 km from Cox’s Bazar towards Chittagong. You can also see monasteries, khyangs, and Pagodas. Also, the houses are in the shape of Pagoda. As beautiful as it sounds like. Tourists can also purchase handmade cigars from the craftsmen.

Where to stay in Cox’s Bazar:

You have to stay here for one or two more days when you are traveling to Cox’s Bazar, right? Then let’s check out some of the standard hotel information.

Top 10 hotels near Cox’s Bazar:

There are many hotels in Cox’s Bazar. All hotels have not same quality we suggest you Top 10 luxurious hotels and Top 10 Hotels Under your Budget near the Coxes Bazar sea beach.

What to Eat in Cox’s Bazar:

Best Traditional hotel Food Like Fish, Beef, Rice, Daal, Loitta Fry, Mixed Vegetable, Chicken Curry, Hilsha Fish, Rohu Fish Curry, Koral Fish Curry, Shrimp Curry, and most special Biriani, etc. The test of the traditional foods is just Fantastic. When you eat it you can feel the original taste of the foods. The main thing about Bangladeshi traditional hotel foods is it’s very Spicy.

Cox’s Bazar Sea food

Seafood of Cox’s Bazar:

Also, you can also find here special Seafood, like Butterfly cut Grilled King prawn, Lime Prawn, Calamari Rings, Grilled Lobster, Baked Lobster, Lobster with Pasta, Grilled Red Snapper, Baked Red Snapper, Cajun Baked Red Snapper, Cajun Steamed Red snapper, Grilled Pomfret, Baked Pomfret, Cajun Baked Pomfret, Fried Pomfret, Prawn Malai Curry, Stuffed Potato With Prawn, Baked Crab, Crab Cake, Garlic Crab Linguini Pasta, Stuffed Potato With Tuna, Tuna With Pasta, etc.
For Steak Lovers T-Bone Steak, Beef Steak, Pua Steak, Tuna Steak, Vetki Steak, and so many foods that you want to eat. You can find some extraordinary Restaurants here.

Best 10 Restaurants Near Cox’s Bazar:

01.Mermaid Cafe in Cox’s Bazar:

02.Poushee Restaurants in Cox’s Bazar:

03.Jhawbon Restaurants in Cox’s Bazar:

  • Address: H.No 0001-00, Mukti Joddha Sarani, Hotel Sayeman Rd, Coxs Bazar 4700
  • Hour: Open From 7:00am-12:00pm
  • Contact Number: 01818-165941
  • E-mail:
  • Official Website: Click Here for Find More Information

04.Coxs Bazar Sea Food Restaurant in Cox’s Bazar:

05.EFC- A Live Fish Restaurants in Cox’s Bazar:

06.Sea Lamp Beach Cafe in Cox’s Bazar:

07.Salt Bistro And Cafe in Cox’s Bazar:

08.Handi Restaurants in Cox’s Bazar:

09.Koyla Restaurants in Cox’s Bazar:

10.Devine Sea Stone Cafe in Cox’s Bazar:

Get Tips Before Visiting Cox’s Bazar:

  • Coxs Bazar is a popular place. So try to avoid environmental pollution.
  • If you want to take pictures then verify the ID card of these beach photographers.
  • Cox’s Bazar is very secluded at night. It’s better not to leave at night. Be careful about stealing and harassment.
  • Don’t Drink alcohol in Coxs Bazar at Night. If you need to drink alcohol then go to some bar.
  • Be careful before getting to the Sea and definitely know when the tide is high.

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